Resolution Diagnostics has been providing innovative cost effective MRI service, medical imaging equipment, parts, maintenance, installations and magnet service solutions on MRI equipment worldwide for over a decade. Our commitment to detail, service, image quality, and cost containment has been second to none. We offer the highest quality parts, coils, cryogens, equipment installation and MRI magnet service at a rate significantly lower than other medical imaging service providers. See how other hospitals, imaging centers, OEM's and service providers have used our services to save 20% to 70% on MRI parts, coils, magnet repairs, calibrations and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment repair services.

Sharpen image quality with regular service, MRI magnet monitoring and equipment calibration repair service. Turn costly radiology centers into diagnostic medical imaging profit centers today!

We are a true single source MRI system repair service provider.

Ask about our value added MRI medical imaging equipment, part sourcing and turn key installations.

Improve image quality with regular scheduled, documented, mri equipment maintenance or full repair service contract.   Typical mri service, maintenance and repair contacts fall under set insurance pricing guidelines for medical imaging equipment, parts, mri service and magnet repair.

Visit MRI equipment specials for magnet service, special MRI sale parts, coils, coldheads, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment repair service.

Call 949-675-8894 for service!

Free MRI Magnet Cryogen Monitor

Emergency Medical Imaging MRI Service


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