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Full Service MRI Contracts
Resolution Diagnostics is currently offering a 20% discount on all service contracts

RF door repair
Eliminate zippers and outside interference to achieve artifact free images. Do not be fooled, MRI contracts do not cover this service and therefore are not able to achieve the optimum signal to noise performance. RF rooms are required by all OEMs as a necessary part of artifact free MRI imaging. Has your RF door been serviced lately?

Signa MRI 1.5T phased array torso coil
These MRI coils are brand new. We will offer this MRI coil for exchange or outright buy. We will beat any in stock price on this mri coil.

Eddy Current Compensation
Eliminate Gibb's artifact (Border ringing) for sharp images. We offer this service for all GE MRI models. Call today for this critical performance calibration.

Please call and ask what special coil, part or mri equipment service that we can provide for you.

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